Being part of a larger company, the Bindaree Beef Group, offers our customers access to the highest quality grain fed beef, known as Bindaree Beef. Raised on grass and finished on a unique mix of wholegrain cereals , Bindaree Beef offers a flavour experience unequal to others. With all cuts underpinned by Meat Standards Australia, you can be assured that your piece of Bindaree Beef is guaranteed to be tasty, juicy and tender every time.  A choice of grades are available in store.

Bindaree Beef
Raised on natural pastures and then fed a nutritious diet of local wholegrain cereals, results in beautifully juicy and tender beef with big, bold flavour.

Bindaree Angus
Bindaree Angus is hand selected, perfectly crafted beef with medium to fine marbling which results in an exceptionally bold flavoured and tender meat.